Why Buy it?

6 good reasons to buy a Central Vacuum Cleaning System.


Healthy and Hygienic!

No more odours, dust mites or bacteria! The GDA high power system vacuums and removes them outdoors. Health and wellness guaranteed by maintaining a hygienic environment and increased room air-changes.

The clean environment safeguards your Air conditioner and it’s filters from clogging up and protects your luxury furnishing.


Stylish and Silent!

Aesthetically pleasing wall sockets in any colour of your choice to match your décor, blending with the Indoor architecture.

GDA is so quiet that you can clean any time of the day or night.


Versatile and Futuristic!

The GDA is a versatile product suitable for hard-core dry and wet vacuuming. A host of accessories are available, to clean any kind of surface.

It’s wireless operation takes vacuum cleaning to a new high – a futuristic approach to cleaning!


Powerful and Green!

GDA is three times more powerful than conventional vacuum cleaners. Yet, with the use of cutting-edge technology, it offers low power consumption, contributing to a green environment.

GDA guarantees safety through a low voltage electrical circuit.


Flexible and Reliable!

The GDA system can be installed in both new and existing buildings ! Our Engineers can design a system that is specific to your application.

All components are fully manufactured in Italy, from a technology oriented industry leader, in operation since 1974. The design is patented and conforms to International standards.


Saves Time and Money!

With the GDA Central Vacuum Cleaning System, Operational costs are cut drastically by

*Lower Power Consumption *Reduced Man-hours   * Better Filtration   * Effortless and faster cleaning.

Excellent value for money in the long run!