Everyone knows that workplace quality is a decisive factor for a company’s productivity and efficiency. But this calls for more than more ergonomic furniture and careful lighting. The cleanliness of carpeting, the hygiene of every surface and untainted air in a room are just as important. And reductions in the costs for cleaning services can also be helpful. All this is as easily said as done with a General D’Aspirazione system.

Gruppo Ferroli - San Bonifacio (VR)

Building : Headquarters of the Green Energy Company
Region: Veneto

Company with a history of 35 years in Large Plants and professional kitchens.

Year of Installation: 2005
Type :  3 users with self-cleaning filter
Region: Emilia Romagna

Ristocontract Group - San Mauro Pascoli (FC)
Schnell - Montemaggiore al Metauro (PU)

The leading industrial group in the field of Manufacturing and Automation

Location : Production plant and offices
Year of Installation: 2011
Type :  3 users with self-cleaning filter
Region: Marche

A leading company in Italy for production of backpacks, bags and accessories.

Region: Piemonte

Offices Seven - Leini (TO)
Gruppo Intesa - Milano (MI)

A Complex of offices and apartments situated in Street Valtellina, Milano.

Year of Installation: 2005
Type :  One Industrial Central Inverter, for 4 operators working simultaneously
Number of Suction Sockets: 80
Region: Lombardia

Andrea Castrignano, interior designer and host of the television series “change House, change life” transformed a loft in his new office, designed to include a “sample house“ with unique characteristics.

General D’Aspirazione participated as partners in this project, with an objective to provide an ideal indoor environment.

Location : Street Adige 11, Porta Romana, Milan
Year of Installation: 2013
Type :  One Residential unit
Region: Lombardia

Office Interior Design of Andrea Castrignano Milano (MI)