Hospitals are the most demanding environments in terms of hygiene and low noise levels. GDA systems provide the ideal solution, with its Industrial design, self-cleaning technology and remote Vacuum Unit operation.

A radical approach, where it is needed most!

Poliambulanza Foundation Istituto Ospedaliero - Brescia (BS)

The Poliambulanza Foundation works in order to guarantee the best care and assistance to its patients. GDA system works hand-in-hand to ensure that their needs are met.

Year of Installation: 2010
Type :  One Industrial Central Inverter, for 4 operators + One Industrial Central Inverter, for 7 operators, all working simultaneously
Number of Suction Sockets: 115
Region: Lombardia

Maria Cecilia, a 200 bed hospital by a group of doctors, was inaugurated as the “Casa di Cura Villa Maria” in October 1973.

Type :  One Industrial Central Inverter, for 6 operators working simultaneously
Region : Cotignola

Villa Maria Cecilia Hospital - Cotignola (RA)
Dental Study Rao Pavia (PV)

This 700 sq.m ultra-modern facility with operating theaters and training rooms relies on the high degree of cleanliness provided by the GDA Central Vacuum Cleaning System.

Region: Lombardia