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Why choose a central vacuum system?

To create a healthy and quiet living environment. Higher efficiency and low opex are the hallmarks of the GDA system.

What are the advantages over a traditional vacuum cleaner?

Maximum hygiene, low noise, maximum convenience and safety, maximum efficiency, speed and maximum energy savings, low maintenance, increased longevity of the system and the economy. Check out our Advantages section.

When should I plan to install the central vacuum system?

For a new building, we suggest you contact us at the construction phase

For existing buildings, we can provide a unique solution with the patented GDA Aria-Suite application.

Is the Central Vacuum System noisy?

The central system is quieter than a traditional vacuum cleaner. The main Vacuum Control Unit is placed remote, in an acoustically lines box. You can operate it at any time of the day or night!

Is the Central Vacuum System suitable for someone suffering from allergies?

This is the main benefit! It totally vacuums out the dust mites and other allergy causing agents, to the remote Vacuum Control Unit. In the control unit, the dust is filtered and expelled to outdoors. This eliminates user’s contact with dust.

Is it true that the central vacuum system is lightweight and easy to use?

Absolutely. All that is needed to carry is the light weight Brava handle and hose.

Is there a risk if the children at home come into contact with the suction socket?

No electrical cable connection is needed. The sockets are supplied with low voltage conforming to safety standards. This provides an extremely safe environment.

It is true that after trying the central vacuum system, you cannot live without?

Yes, thanks to its power three times higher, the cleaning is deeper and the time and effort halved.

What warranty has a central vacuum cleaner system?

The units are guaranteed for 2 years, as per GDA guidelines. Extended warranty can be offered, with a service contract.

What are the maintenance required?

Emptying of the dust container in the Central Vacuum Unit, every 30/40 days. This is a simple task, by detaching it from the body of the control unit with a simple click.

Periodic cleaning / washing of the Filter. With proper maintenance the filter life is 20 years!

How much does the central vacuum system cost?

The cost depends on the type of application. Please contact us for a quote.

Is it possible to install the central vacuum system in an existing building, without having to make renovations?

Yes, thanks to the patented Aria-suite design that can be installed in any facility, with the least modifications.

What are the accessories needed to install the system?

All the accessories – Tubing, Fittings, glue – needed to install the systems are designed and manufactured by GDA. This ensures quality at all levels.

Can the central vacuum system get blocked?

GDA with 40 years of experience have fine-tuned the design of components to ensure a seamless flow. Our design team follow a thorough process of checking out all the bottle-necks to ensure a continuous circuit for the tubing. After installation, the field team tests the system to confirm that adequate pressure is available at each suction outlet. No blocks!

Is the system also recommended for very small houses?

Of course. The benefits are the same, irrespective of the size – clean, quiet, healthy environment!

Can the system vacuum liquids?

With the liquid aspirator you can vacuum liquids, dry the porch after rainfall, wash floors, vacuum the ashes off the fireplace or stove pellets (of course after the embers have been extinguished!)

Are bags for the collection of dust?

Unit is supplied with 2 bags for dust collection. However, they aren’t indispensable, because the container can be emptied directly into a garbage bag.