The best talents have created the best music, GDA has created the best silences.

GDA has designed the units keeping in mind the Comfort, Safety and Pleasantness of the family environment.

Three options are available for the main Vacuum Control Unit, made entirely in high quality ABS plastic material.

The Vacuum Control unit is equipped with an innovative self-locking mounting system, for installing on the wall. This makes installation easier and faster, while ensuring better stability of the controller. The unit is equipped with a filter and dust collection container, which can be cleaned periodically. The dust container is provided with a coupling system that enables effortless cleaning.

All models are equipped with wireless control. The Unit is switched on automatically when the Brava handle is inserted into the wall socket. The advantage that this arrangement provides is complete elimination of electrical cables, simplifying the installation, to get the job done first time right.

Wireless Series


The Wireless patented design is available even with our entry level model.

Available in two models W1000 and W1250

Intelligence Series


The Intelligence Series adds a user interface, which provides local display of operation and system alerts.

Available in 4 models i1000, i1250, i1600, i1750.

Total Series


This is our Top of the Range.

The unit is equipped with a patented Electro pneumatic self-cleaning system for cleaning the filter with back pressure. This feature considerable increases the efficiency. Also, the user interface provides local display.

Available in three models T1250, T1600, T1750.

The Vacuum Control Units combine with a host of accessories to complete the system.

The embedded box and the Outdoor box

Acoustically lined Boxes, to house the Vacuum Control Unit. This can be either concealed inside the structure or surface mounted, in your Balcony or Service area.

Wall mount Suction Sockets

Ergonomically designed, Aesthetically pleasing, to match your décor. The cover opens in 180 degrees for an easy insertion of the hose. All inlet’s metallic parts are in stainless steel and guaranteed for 10 years.

Brava Handle

The light weight Brava handle with the hose, communicates with the Vacuum Control unit to switch the system into operation. All wireless!

PVC Tubing Network

The complete system is manufactured and supplied from the factory in Italy.

Our local team would design, engineer, install and commission the system inline with GDA standards.