Designed and developed to satisfy the needs of any kind of structure, to adapt to different spaces and dimensions.

Rugged, highly engineered and Innovative…The GDA Industrial Vacuum Control Units are designed to meet the challenges of multi-use facilities. The system adapts with the requirement of each office or hotel room, and connects all the individual domains to a central location.

This arrangement offers optimum use of resources, reduces maintenance, while allowing flexibility in operation.

The heart of the system, Vacuum Control Unit is available in two versions.

Central Monoblock Inverter
for 1 or 2 operators working simultaneously


GDA’s years of experience in industrial applications is reflected in this design. The Central Monoblock incorporates a profile and components to provide performance at the highest levels.

Available for one or two operators working simultaneously, the Central Monoblock offers a small footprint, higher performance, low power consumption and high filtering capacity.

These machines can cover surfaces from about 500 m² to 2000 m².

Industrial Central Inverter
for 3 to 7 operators working simultaneously


The industrial vacuum control units are composed of suction turbine side channels, cyclonic separator for dust collection, electrical cabinet with inverter, interconnecting piping and steel silencer.

The rotor’s tilted blades profile seamlessly handles high pressures and air flow. The Double rotor guarantees major stability. Equipped with bi-frequency motors, with widened voltages at 50/60 Hz, these machines are also preset to be controlled with inverter. The design allows installation with the motor in either vertical or horizontal position. Low sound levels are assured with the combination of metallic mass and fusion material (aluminum molten in gravity).

Units are available with Dust container capacity of 90 and 155 liters. An electronic self-cleaning filter system, comprising of an independent air plant, a compressor and the electronic cabinet with daily timer, keeps the filter clean by blowing compressed air along internal walls of the container. This allows the dust to fully settle in the dust bag. The cleaning operation is reduced to a simple removal of the bag inside the container! No manual cleaning of the filter is required.

This also ensures optimum performance of the turbines at all times.

The Vacuum Control Units combine with a host of accessories to complete the system.

Wall mount Suction Sockets

Ergonomically designed, Aesthetically pleasing, to match your décor. The cover opens in 180 degrees for an easy insertion of the hose. All inlet’s metallic parts are in stainless steel and guaranteed for 10 years.

Brava Handle

The light weight Brava handle with the hose, communicates with the Vacuum Control unit to switch the system into operation. All wireless!

Additional Accessories

GDA offers a wide range of accessories to clean every conceivable surface.

PVC Tubing Network

The complete system is manufactured and supplied from the factory in Italy.

Our local team would design, engineer, install and commission the system inline with GDA standards.