Conventional Vacuum Cleaners Application GDA Central Vacuum Cleaning System
Microscopic dust mites, pollen and other allergy causing agents are in fact thrown back into the room! This results in poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

Tests show that the number of particles are higher after cleaning!
Readings with a PPM meter:

187000 particles/cft before cleaning,

420000 particles/cft (while cleaning measured from the exhaust)

Indoor Environment

The dust particles are exhausted completely out of the room to the remote central unit. Healthy living in a clean environment.

The cleaner environment also prolongs the life of your expensive Furnishings.

The count can be less than 100000 particle/cft. The cleaner the fresh air, the less the count.

The microscopic dust thrown back into the room clogs the AC coils and filters.

Effect on the AC System

Total purification of the rooms keeps the AC system clean and increases the life of its filters.
The same air is recirculated causing a stale environment.

Room Air-Changes

The system welcomes fresh air into the room, whenever you clean. Increased air-changes keep the rooms fresh.
Commercial grade filters.


Washable polyester filter with a very high filtering capacity. Internal design protects the filter even when “aspiring” solid objects.

Our top of the range models have an exclusive self-cleaning filtering system to enhance the efficiency further.

After cleaning, the dust has to be transferred to an external bag causing spillage and re-contamination of the room.


With the GDA Vacuum Control Unit, the dust collection bag is equipped with a handy drawstring bag, ensuring a hygienic dust disposal.
Conventional Vacuum Cleaners Application GDA Central Vacuum Cleaning System
High electrical power consumption.

Power Consumption

With the use of soft-start and Invertor technology, power consumption is reduced up to 50%. This also increases the life of mechanical components.

Efficient cleaning allows less frequency of operation, giving further savings in power.

Multiple Service and maintenance issues with cheap commercial grade components. This results in high operational and maintenance costs.

Maintenance Costs

The concept of Central vacuum is anchored on low operating costs.

Our cutting-edge technology ensures a longer operational life.

Heavy units and attached electric cords have to be carried from Room to Room, causing inconvenience and safety hazards.

Can cover only about 1500 Sq.ft / hour of vacuuming.

Manpower Costs

Easy handling – Only the light weight Brava Handle with a flexible hose need to be carried.

Can cover in excess of 4500 Sq.ft / hour of Wet and Dry Vacuuming.Since the system is three times more powerful, frequency of cleaning is reduced.

Conventional Vacuum Cleaners Application GDA Central Vacuum Cleaning System
Very noisy – 80 to 90 dBA.

Room Sound Levels

Silently purifies the room ! The only object that you will see in the room is an aesthetically pleasing wall socket.

The Vacuum unit is located remotely in the Balcony or Service room, that too in an acoustically lined box.

Tiresome operation, having to carry machinery and connect the cables.


Wireless System – Standard on all models, allows you to easily turn on and off the controller, using the light weight Brava Wireless handle.
Commercial grade filters need to be cleaned frequently.


Industrial grade filters and the special internal design ensures very little maintenance. Bags need to be changed only once in 2 months.

In the self-cleaning system, the suction turbine requires no maintenance.

Limitation on the motor power due to portability.

Motor Power

Powerful motors that provide adequate vacuum pressure at each suction socket.
Designed for Indoor operation only.


High Degree of Protection (IP55), enabling outdoor installation of the Vacuum Control Unit.
Most Models are for Dry operation.

Wet and Dry Operation

The optional Aspirator allows cleaning of all wet areas.